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Did you know

Southern cuisine, in areas like Bengala, Gujarat, Tamil, Nadum Goa, with, in most cases vegetarian preparations, contains seeds and vegetables, spices and condiments like chili, coconut milk, cinnamon and curry sheets. Cooking is usually achieved with steam or oil. The dals (vegetables without skin but with spices) and the hot vindaloo (meat marinated in wine and vinegar) are the building blocks of many dishes.



Murgh Tandoori
Tandoori marinated and grilled chicken leg

Murgh Korma

Fricassee of chicken plotted in curry and cream sauce, with almonds and cashew nuts

Murgh Massala
Boned chicken cooked in a traditional curry sauce

Murgh Saagwala
Boned Chicken and spinach, with cream and spices.

Murgh Jalfrezi
Boned chicken plotted in a curry sauce with peepers and tomatoes

Tikka Massala
Marinaded pieces of chicken, grilled and plotted in a curry sauce

Murgh Makhanwala
Tandoori grilled marinaded boned chicken, plotted in a delicate butter and curry sauce

Murgh Vindaloo
Poultry fricassee cooked in a traditional curry sauce with potatoes (hot)

Murgh Biryani

Subtle marinaded chicken with different spices, cooked in a safran basmati rice