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Did you know

The good table manners change depending on the area and the social level. In a restaurant and for middle-class people, most of the time people eat with plates and cutlery. But in the South of India, in lots of traditional restaurants people eat with their hands. Obviously, having clean hands and clean nails is considered as very important. People only use their right hand to feed themselves because they wash with the left one. Indian bread may be used as a spoon.


Vegetarian dishes

Dal Makhani
Lenses curry with butter (speciality from Delhi)

Sabji Korma
Maraîchère of vegetables cooked with curry in a cream sauce of almonds and cushen nuts

Matar Aloo
Green peas and potatoes with curry and fresh coriander

Navratan Biryani

Subtle marinade of spicied vegetables cooked with safran basmati riz

ALo Khobi
Cauliflower and potatoes with curry and fresh coriander

Khumba Massala
Mushrooms and peppers
with curry