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Did you know

Certain gestures in India have a meaning very different from the one that they have in Europe. For instance, saying "yes" can be done by a smile and a head movement from right to left, in a similar way to say "no" or to disagree in Western countries.



Specialities tandoori and others


India Tandoor mixed grill

prawns, chicken, lamb, seekh kebab, marinated and grilled

Jinga Tandoori

prawns marinated and grilled

Machli Tikka

Fish brochette marinated and grille

Gosht Tikka

Pieces of marinated and grilled leg of lamb

Seekh Kebab

Marinated and grilled minced lamb meat brochette

Murgh Tikka

Pieces of marinated and grilled ckicken

Batera Tandoori

Tandoori marinated and grilled quails with spices


Minced meat with spices pasty



Raw vegetables with yogurt and fresh coriandre


Baigan Bharta

Home-made aubergine caviar

Palak Paneer

Spinach with home-made cheese cubes


Vegetable fritters