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Did you know

Indians are used to saying hello with the word "Namaste" by uniting their hands under the chin and in front of the breast. Other emotional movements, as to shake hands or to embrace other, are considered as unfit between a man and a woman. It is not the case between two someones of the same sex, it is current to see in India two men or two women to shake hands or to walk together hand in hand.



Gosht Korma
Pieces of lamb cooked in a cream curry sauce with almonds and cashew nuts

Rogan Josh
Traditional curry of pieces of lamb

Gosht Saangwala
Subtle mixture of spicy pieces of cooked lamb with spinach with cream

Gosht Jalfrezi
Pieces of lamb simmered in a curry sauce with geen peppers and tomatoes

Dal Gosht
Cooked lamb curry with lenses

Gosht Vindaloo
Curry of pieces of lamb in spicies and potatoes (highly seasoned)

Bara Kebab
Marinaded knuckle of lamb burned in our tandoor

Gosth Biryani
Subtle marinade of pieces of lamb with different spices cooked in the coloured with saffron basmati rice